Macro Network

Service company for Applied Computer Service(ACP)

Why choose us?

The core values that are the essence of Macro Network are five simple and practical:

  • Ethics. Loyalty, respect for people, reliability, honesty, transparency and integrity.
  • Innovation. Ability to look back at all that new technology can offer and apply it to their business.
  • Customer Orientation. Seen as the ability to understand the needs and expectations translate into concrete projects.
  • Enhancement of Staff. Enhance collaborations for us means adopting a policy of continuous training, motivation and accountability in the roles.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency. Two values that result in the reduction of time feedback to the customer and to achieve optimal results.

    Impossible is Nothing ... the impossible just takes longer.

We improve your business

We ensure human presence 365 days, 7 days, 24 hours, for a permanent maintenance. In the event of a technical incident, the team Macro Network reacts immediately, ensuring that your services are restored as quickly as possible. 

Programming and Development

The satisfaction of our customers is what drives us to work with more passion and energy every day of the year.


Since 1993, when few saw the potential of the Internet, our current consultants worked to create new services that then have revolutionized the way people work and live for all. Freedom of access to new technologies has always been an integral part of our business.

Acquisition of knowledge over time

Knowledge twentieth anniversary of one of our most important consultants continues, always with the same passion he had in the early days of his entry in the computer industry. To date, dozens of employees around the world working with us to meet all customer requirements.

Support service unique in the Information Technology

The human relationship to customers is one of our strengths, accompanying them right from the start-up in project implementation and achievement of goals.

Domains & Emails

Configure and manage domain names for you and we care about the safety of your mail accounts by providing you with Spam Assassin and antivirus systems

Simplified installation

Our system Professional Hosting provides an extreme simplification of the installation of hundreds of independent software can be activated with a simple click.

High quality equipment

To give an extreme reliability we employ qualified technicians for the maintenance of the server and with the support of leading companies in the field of connectivity we carefully choose the location, assuring you a nice and responsible management.

Customer Portfolio

The satisfaction of our customers is what drives us to work with more passion and energy every day of the year.