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On Demand Protection is the perfect solution for you if you seldom get attacked but you still want to be sure to be protected at all times when it hits you. We will setup a full service for you using an L3 GRE tunnel and BGP session to announce your prefixes through us. After a successful service test you will stop announcing your prefixes but retain the BGP session up at all times. With this kind of setup you are able to announce your prefixes through us at any time to protect your network. It is important to keep the BGP session established at all times in order to monitor your service to make sure it is fully functional when you need it.

You pay only a small monthly subscription fee of 100 € in order to keep your network protected 24/7. In case you receive an attack and start to announce your prefixes through us, you will be billed a one-time service fee of 200 €. This includes our Advanced DDoS Protection with 100 Mbps Bandwidth for the next 30 days from the moment you started to use the service. A setup fee of 200 € is charged one time.

Example calculation for 1 year of Advanced DDoS Protection with one attack received on 09.01.2018:
22.08.2017, One-Time Setup Fee of 200 €
01.09.2017 - 31.08.2018 (12 months), 12x Monthly Service Fee of 100 € (1200 € total)
09.01.2018 - 07.02.2018 (30 days), 1x One-Time Service Fee of 200 €

Do not hesitate and protect your network today from cyber attacks!

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