Managed Hosting

We offer managed services for all needs.

SEO Services and Web Development

Our company deals with the creation of your website, ecommerce, CMS Open Source or custom. We work on the indexing of your sites also on Social Network.

Antivirus and DDoS protection

All systems are protected against DDoS attacks, AntiVirus protection with ClamAV and Anti exploits with CXS.
Autonomous Scan Home Directory, Email, FTP and Web.

App Development for Android and IOS

Need an app and do not know who to ask ? We develop for your App Android and IOS for any currently available technology

Hosting services

Some of the features of our Professional Hosting.
File management
Secure Data


Create an archive containing all files in the Web site configuration.

Private Directory

Protect your folders with user name and password.

FTP Account

Manage files within your site by client.

File management

Allows you to have a total power of the files in your space.


This software allows you to manage your Web Database from a Browser.

Database MySQL

The most popular open source database based on SQL.


Tool provided for newcomers to the Web.

Remote Access

This tool allows remote access to the database via client.


Secondary section of the website that can exist as a new website without a new domain name.


Domain aliases make the Web site available to another domain name.


Create and edit zone records to check the operation of DNS.


A redirection allows you to redirect a domain to another domain for a website or for a specific Web page.


Manage the email accounts associated with the domain.


Send a copy of incoming email from one address to another.


Create and manage email filters for an email address specified.

Apache SpamAssassin

Apache SpamAssassin is a mail filter that identifies unwanted messages.

Automatic replies

Set up an email account to send automated emails.


Protection mechanism email via encryption key.


The DKIM authentication SPF prevents receiving and sending SPAM.

Importing addresses

Allows to import your contacts in XLS or CVS.


Check the IP address and the URL of visitors origin.


Create detailed graphical statistics about site visitors.


Allows you to view the use of the website bandwidth.


This feature displays the last 300 errors of the site.

IP block

Allows you to block a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing the site.


Certificate signing requests and private keys.

Protection from leeching

It prevents users provide to third parties or publish their password to a restricted area of the site.

Hotlink protection

It prevents other websites to link directly to files on the Web site.


With this system you can install your site with a simple click (eg. CMS, ecommerce, blogs, videos, etc).

Sonic Shoutcast System

Create your Web Radio Streaming.
AutoDJ - AutoDJ Playlist - Intro/ADV
Flash AAC+ - JWPlayer AAC+ - Winamp

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails applications are based on Rails framework.

Perl Modules

Collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Perl.

Cron processes

These processes allow you to automate certain commands or scripts on the site.


Allows you to perform antivirus scans of the web space, ftp, mail and home directory.

DNS Tracking

Allows a user to track and obtain information from any domain or IP on the Web.

Apache handlers

They control the way the Apache Web server software manages certain file types and extensions to the site.

More Required Services

These Popular options, Buy now!

Voice Server

Rent your Server to talk to friends, make audio conferencing business and send documents
TeamSpeak 3
DDoS Protection
99.99% Uptime
200GB Traffic
2GB Space
Pubblic or Private
Starting from 15/slot €3 Month

Professional Hosting

Rent your personal web space to publish your site, blog or forum and create personalized emails
Hosting for your domain
Webspace 1 GB
BandWidth 10.240 MB
1 MySQL Database
5 Account E-mail POP3/IMAP 1GB and WebMail
Subdomains Unlimited
Starting from €24.90 Year

Server Gaming PRO

Rent your Personal Server, install Voice and Games and you'll have fun immediately with Friends
LXC-VPS Intel(R) Xeon
CPU 1 Core
1 Address IPv4
Bandwidth unlimited
Starting from €4.90 Monthly

Why choose us?

The core values that are the essence of Macro Network are five simple and practical:


Loyalty, respect for people, reliability, honesty, transparency and integrity.


Ability to look back at all that new technology can offer and apply it to their business.

Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation, seen as the ability to understand the needs and expectations translate into concrete projects.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Two values that result in the reduction of time feedback to the customer and to achieve optimal results.

Enhancement of Staff

Enhance collaborations for us means adopting a policy of continuous training, motivation and accountability in the roles.

Professional Assistance

The world of technical assistance can often prove to be a jungle, where the customer is almost always inexperienced to pay the consequences.

24/7/365 Support

When a fault on your computer or on Web services is important to rely on professionals to guarantee quality of the assistance requested. We offer a service "pay for use" fast and responsive without forcing you to sign contracts.

You have questions?

Quality/Price unbeatable

Our policy is to offer products and services of high quality and to do that we have chosen to follow a different policy from large companies to avoid non-meet fully and quickly with all requests.

Fast and responsive

Consultants provide assistance in real time, you do not have to wait days to solve any problems

Personalised Assistance

A request to have your own dedicated assistant exclusively to you and your company.

Web services with 99.9% of uptime and more

Our service provides full and complete support !

  • Remote Assistance: With the remote assistance systems can help, where possible, to solve the problem directly from our laboratory, without moving your PC from home or office.
  • Software Support: Technical support services on web applications, software and operating systems.
  • Software development: Need an app and do not know who to ask ? We develop for your App Android and IOS for any currently available technology
  • Hardware Assistance: The damaged device directly in our laboratory Valet computer using express courier and mail service reliable.
  • Ethics and fairness: In all cases we will make a quote free of charge prior to repair and/or replacement of damaged parts, leaving you the ability to evaluate and choose if you will need our assistance.